Ploughing Match

Ploughing Match Prizes 2014

King George Challenge Cup
Judge – Frank Langrish
1st Royal Farms
2nd J & S Whitby

Class 1 – Large Farm
Judges – William Gribbon and Bruce Lockhart
1st Royal Farms 90/100
2nd Copas Farms 84/100
3rd Emmett Bros 72/100

Class 2 – Medium Farm
Judges – James Smith and Andrew Sanders
1st J & S Whitby 95/100
2ndW. Emmett and Son 92/100
3rd Randall Farms 91/100

 Class 4 – conservation

Judge – Robert Stephens
1st Paley Street Farm, James Headington
2nd Shottesbrooke Farm, Clive Leeke
3rd Hornbuckle Farm, William Emmett

Class 3 – Rural Diversification
Judge – Minette Batters
1st ANB Groundcare, Alastair Brooker (Ground care)
2nd Kiely Roddy, Kiely Roddy (Equestrian)
3rd Emmett and Stone, Ryan Emmett (Country sports shop)




Class 7 – Winter Wheat Variety
Judge – Ian Ralph
1st Syngenta, Gallant
2nd D. Philp and Partners, Edgar
3rd Royal Farms, Scout

Class 11 – Oats
Judge – Ian Ralph
1st Shottesbrooke Farm, Dalguise
2nd Hurleyford Farms Ltd, Gerald
3rd D. Philp and Partners, Gerald

Class 8 – Winter Barley
Judge – Duncan Andrews
1st Copas Farms, Volume
2nd Emmett Bros, Cassia
3rd D. Philp and Partners, ES Allegra

Class 9 – Winter Rape
Judge – Duncan Andrews
1st Emmett Bros, PR 46W21
2nd D. Philp and Partners, KWS Meridian
3rd Copas Farms, Extrovert

Class 10 – Spring Cereal
Judge – Robert Annan
1st D. Philp and Partners, Spring Barley
2nd J & S Whitby, Spring Barley
3rd C. Edwards, Spring Barley

Class 12 – Spring Break Crops
Judge – Robert Annan
1st P. Mortimer, Spring beans
2nd D. Philp and Partners, Spring beans
3rd Royal Farms, Spring beans

Class 13 – The Robertson Challenge Cup for the best field of maize
1st Nigel Berryman
2nd J and S Whitby
3rd Royal Farms
4th Giles Philp

All Beef and Sheep classes

Judge – Rowan Napper

Class 17 – Best Beef Bull
1st Royal Farms, Sussex
2nd Donald Dawes, Aberdeen Angus
3rd Caroline Edwards, Aberdeen Angus

Class 18 – Best Suckler herd
1st Royal Farms
2nd Donald Dawes
3rd Nick Manderfield

Class 19 – Best commercial beef
1st Royal Farms
2nd Donald Dawes
3rd Giles Philp

Class 20 – Beef Stockman
1st Caroline Edwards

Class 21 – Best commercial sheep
1st BCA
2nd Giles Philp
3rd Michael and Louise Craig

Class 22 – Sheep Stockman
1st Nick Williams (BCA)


Class 23 – Best Garden
Judges – Pauline Watts and Helene Elting
1st Brenda Copas
2nd Mr and Mrs Potter
3rd Thelma Copas

Class 24 – Best Cottage Garden
Judges – Pauline Watts and Helene Elting
1st Alan Boyd – Shottesbrooke
2nd Linda Hicks – Copas Farms
3rd Steve Hullat – W. Emmett

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